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Enzacta Alfa PXP Royale 150gm

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Price: $80.00
Manufacturer: Enzacta


Alfa PXP Royale, a natural superfood made up of legendary purple rice grains containing built-in antioxidants, potent phytonutrients, alpha glucans, and polysaccharide peptides. Enzacta reveals the ancient secrets of Forbidden Rice...

For centuries, the consumption of purple rice was limited to the emperors of the most powerful dynasties in Asia, their families, and the warriors who rode into battle for them. Now--after much research, and following Kaizen, the philosophy of continuous improvement--this mystical and potent rice has been rediscovered and unveiled by Enzacta.

Alfa PXP Royale nourishes the mitochondria with the polysaccharide peptides it needs to generate energy, which is crucial for a cell. When being regularly nourished with polysaccharide peptides, mitochondria are able to absorb glucose and convert it to energy.

Superfood Alfa PXP Royale contains the best antioxidants available, originating from the high quantities of anthocyanins in purple rice which help the mitochondria get rid of free radicals, keeping the cells healthy.

Enzacta brings you this nutritional treasure chest, once available only to ancient emperors and kings.

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