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Aloe Ferox Bitter Extract

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Price: From $23.23 to $42.95
Manufacturer: Immunologic Health System

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The Bitter sap (Aloe Ferox Bitter Extract) of this miracle plant is not only immune specific, but functions to cleanse the bowel like nothing else, without being addictive or harmful. It only takes a small amount for effective purging of stagnant waste. Simply add 100mg (a pinch or two) of Aloe Ferox Bitter Extract Powder to a cup of warm Aloe Ferox Leaf Powder Tea, Rooibos Extract tea, Green tea or coffee for serious bowel cleansing. Most people experience cleansing after just one or two cups of tea. Regular use helps to keep out all un-invited guests. Consuming both the leaf and the bitter extract together, provides the “whole-plant” benefits of this spectacular plant. Most people experience a more gentle cleansing when using the leaf powder together with the bitters, due to all the soothing and strengthening nutrients in the whole leaf. Aloe Ferox Bitter Extract powder is the dried Bitter sap that drains from the freshly harvested leaves. The Bitter sap is dried and milled to a fine powder for easy mixing in tea, coffee or any other warm beverage. Aloe Ferox Bitters is found in a layer between the gel and skin of the leaf. The active compound called Aloin, is naturally concentrated in the Bitter sap and is world famous for its extraordinary bowel cleansing and immune support especially for the liver, gallbladder, spleen and sinus. Start with a very small amount of Bitter Extract powder (a pinch about the size of a sunflower seed or peppercorn), add to a cup of Aloe Ferox Leaf Powder (tea) for best results. By using the Leaf Powder along with the Bitter Extract, one gets the benefit and synergy of all of the nutrients inherent in the whole Aloe Ferox plant. Many people like to add the Bitter Extract to coffee, but the greatest whole-body health benefits come from combining the Bitters with the Leaf Tea.

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