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BioGuard Air Purifier, Personal Ionic1000


MSRP: $149.00
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Manufacturer: Pentex


The tiny Bioguard air purifier will purify your personal air space with the most powerful output available! Great for travel on airplanes and other crowded areas!

- Airflow - 55 feet/min

- Covers a radius of 1-2 feet

- Internal ion flow- 55 trillion ions/sec.

- 30 hour Lithium battery included

Weighing in at a sleek 1.5 ounces, the tiny Mini-Mate will help to purify your breathing space with the most powerful output that we have available. The Mini-Mate is a tiny, battery-operated air purifiers that you wear around your neck or in a shirt pocket. By using the latest microchip technology, this miniature electronic marvel helps the wearer avoid many toxic airborne germs, particles and chemicals. The unit is so small it can be carried on a key-ring so you never leave home without it.

How it works:

Energy from the battery is converted to a pulsating static electric charge that forms a negative corona ion flow. Polluted air is drawn into the intake vents and is then passed through the corona discharge on its way out. Then it is internally ionized, oxidized, and vaporized producing a gentle stream of purified air. Through the use of an internal corona discharge - thought to be the most intense oxidizing environment known to science - these pocket units projects a powerful stream of ions (20 trillion per second) to eliminate odors and germs from the air that passes near it. When you inhale, you will feel the cool, clean air wafting around your face. But more importantly, Mini-Mate's corona discharge destroys airborne pollutants and odors that pass through it, including cigarette smoke, pollen and germs.

Doctor tested over a two-year period at the UCLA Department of Microbiology Genetics and the Travel Medicine Center, the Air Supply was shown to remove up to 98% of airborne contaminants around the wearer in published tests. Research reveals that the Mini-Mate Ionic Air Purifier is the most advanced air contamination avoidance technology.

A compact, lightweight, easy to use ionic air purifier that cleans the air around you Great for travel, restaurants, airplanes, automobiles, and smoky places. Non-thermal ionic plasma decontamination is the ultimate technology that helps protect you from airborne biological and chemical agents in the immediate area.

*Not for use by the infirmed elderly, children under 8 years old, pacemaker patients or chronic or acute respiratory care patients without advice from a medical doctor.

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