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Echo H2 Machine

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Price: $1,999.95

Echo H2 Machine™ PRODUCT DIMENSIONS • 10 ½ x 5 ½ x 13 ¼ in. • 9.05 lbs. Echo Antioxidant Water™ Echo Antioxidant Water™ Machines were created to give people convenient access to Echo Antioxidant Water™, our drinkable health solution. Not only does Echo Antioxidant Water™ have a crisp and refreshing taste but it also contains tiny bubbles of the world’s smartest antioxidant — hydrogen gas. Hydrogen has been supported by over 1,000 scientific studies to be a smart antioxidant, meaning it has the unique ability to selectively stop cell-killing free radicals. These free radicals can be caused by environmental stress — like UV radiation from the sun, pesticides, and air pollution. Since these stressors are a part of our everyday lives, drinking Echo Antioxidant Water™ can help bring your health back into balance. Echo Antioxidant Water™ can: • Give you more natural energy • Provide better gut health • Improve your memory • Improve your focus • Support healthy weight loss • Improve organ health • Help prevent illness and disease such as Alzheimer’s disease, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease All of our Echo Water® devices have been International Hydrogen Standards Association (IHSA) certified — the highest and most rigorous certification possible. Whether you’re trying to overcome a disease or are a professional athlete, Echo Antioxidant Water™ is what you need to reach the health of your dreams.

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