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Jarrow Quercetin 500mg

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Manufacturer: Jarrow Formulas

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Quercetin 500

Quercetin is the most abundant of the flavonoid molecules, and found to be the most active of the flavonoids in studies. Many medicinal plants owe much of their activity to their high quercetin content. Quercetin has many benefits on human health by promoting a healthy immune and cardiovascular system as well as a very active antioxidant. Quercetin has demonstrated significant activity in helping with inflammation because of direct activity of several initial pathways that can lead to an inflammatory response. For example, it regulates both the manufac-ture and release of histamine and other related mediators. In addition, it exerts potent antioxidant activity and vitamin C-sparing action. Quercetin also helps support healthy DNA structure.

What does Quercetin 500 do?

Quercetin is a flavonol (a subclass of flavonoids) and is a potent antioxidant, providing cardiovascular protection by reducing oxidation of LDL cholesterol.* Quercetin is one half of the rutin molecule, another flavonol, and is the more active antioxidant.*

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