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Sun Star Organics Colostrum

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MSRP: $22.00
Price: From $20.49 to $87.50

Features of Sun Star Organics Colostrum Powder

*Guaranteed from First Milk Colostrum (certified IgG content of 15% minimum with an average of 18%, in every shipment)
*From USDA Certified (Grade A) Dairy Farms in CA, WA, OR, NM and AZ

*Minimally-processed, low-temperature, pure spray-dried

*Tested Certified Free of GMOs, pesticides, anti-biotic residue

*No recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH)


Sun Star’ colostrum is gathered from USDA Dairy Farms from the Western US – California, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico and Arizona where the colostrum is taken from the first 2 milkings (with the highest IgG content), during the first 6 hours after the birth of the newborn calf. (For more information on colostrum first milk, see article http://oforganicminds.com/super-food-review-colostrum-first-milk/.)

Because colostrum plays a very small part in the dairy industry, there is very little regulation regarding its handling and processing, which is why certification through the USDA imperative for quality control. SSO colostrum powder comes from Grade A dairy farms and is certified GMO-free, certified pesticide-free, certified antibiotic-residue-free and free of bovine growth hormones. It is certified first milk colostrum with 18% average IgG content and 15% minimum.

Our colostrum is minimally processed; it is immediately frozen in the field to preserve the immuno-globulin content (important anti-bodies) after being taken from the cow. After thawing, it is low-temperature, spray-dried in special processor to preserve the nutrients and to make the colostrum available for consumers. (See article for colostrum health benefits http://oforganicminds.com/super-food-review-colostrum-benefits/.)

Sun Star Organics colostrum powder is the finest raw cow’s milk colostrum available with the highest standard of biologically-active ingredients from the purest sources and the best manufacturing techniques.

How Much Colostrum to Use

The amount of colostrum an individual can take varies from ¼ teaspoon to 1 tablespoon one to three times a day, depending on the age, weight and health challenges of the individual. Younger or smaller individuals take less than older or larger people. Those with health challenges can take more.

An average dose of colostrum powder is from ¼ - ¾ teaspoons (1-3 500mg caps) 1 to 3 times a day.

Since colostrum is a food and not a drug, it can be consumed with no known negative side effects; negative side effects are very rare. However, due to its immune-strengthening nature, some detoxifying effects may occur.

Immuno-globulins are an important part of nutrient-rich, bio-active colostrum; they support immune health with anti-bodies to harmful pathogens: viruses, bacteria and fungi. The immuno-globulins are sensitive to acid and can be destroyed in the digestive tract via stomach acids, etc.

To receive the optimal benefit from the growth factors, take colostrum on an empty stomach (such as the first thing in the morning) or after an alkalizing food or drink (ie. raw foods, green drinks, etc.)

Colostrum Storage Do’s and Don’ts

Colostrum does not require refrigeration; it is already stable when you receive it. You should, however, follow these guidelines:

- Do not expose to temperature variation; keep a constant temperature between 45 – 80 degrees.

- Do not expose to light variation.

- Do not expose to the air. The amino acids (proteins) in the colostrum can break down and cause rancidity when exposed to oxygen (oxidation).

Cost Benefit of Buying Bulk Colostrum Powder

1 pound of colostrum powder equals 900 ¼ teaspoons.
1 500mg capsule equals ¼ teaspoon of powder.
1 pound of colostrum powder equals 900 ¼ teaspoons or 900 (500mg) capsules - 7½ bottles of 120 capsules each, with a retail value over $285.

Buy 1 pound of Sun Star Organics Colostrum for 78.40 and Save over $200!

For more information on Colostrum see our blog review series:

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Colostrum Research

Thousands of human clinical studies have been conducted worldwide that validate colostrum health benefits. See The Institute of Colostrum Research for detailed studies in a multitude of health areas. http://www.colostrumresearch.org/Research/research_studyPapers.html

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