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Velvet Factors + with Deer Antler, Colostrum & Chaga

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Price: $67.50

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Manufacturer: Sun Star Organics
Velvet Vigor+ VELVET FACTORS +

Patent pending process makes Velvet Factors+ extra bioavailable

Our high-quality blend of Deer Antler Velvet growth factors, Colostrum and Chaga Mushrooms is designed to support anti-aging, reduce inflammation and boost immunity. Proprietary processing and encapsulation methods ensures that your body gets maximum benefit from the high-potency formulation.

Why an acid-resistant capsule?
Because the ingredients are so delicate, we've developed exclusive new methods of purifying and concentrating them, along with packaging them in acid-resistant capsules to safeguard and deliver the highest levels of active ingredients.

These methods allow Velvet Factors+ to travel safely through the stomach’s destructive acids to the small intestine. There, the naturally occurring growth factors and protective extracts can help support metabolism, cell regeneration and lean muscle development, as well as many other body functions.

Our protected and concentrated formula is an especially effective and affordable choice, especially compared to buying traditionally prepared single supplements.

Velvet Factors+ ingredients

Red New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet – ethically harvested from the antler tips, processed to retain its cell regeneration properties

Colostrum – antibodies at the 40% IgG level, hormone, steroid, chemical and pesticide free bovine Colostrum

Chaga Mushroom – 25 to 50 times more SOD antioxidants than Reishi, Truffles or other medicinal mushrooms, guaranteed radiation free from pristine American sources

Why our deer antler velvet extract is superior

Concentrated – 33 kgs. of raw velvet deer antler is used to produce 1 kg. of extract

All natural growth factors - No synthetic materials are added

Prepared via high tech methods – To maintain and enhance its potency, our deer antler is processed without heat, alcohol or chemicals. The Velvet Factors+ proprietary process (patent pending) also liberates intracellular matter from biological material using a vortex spin with air compression and decompression.

This particulation method elegantly opens cell walls, instead of crushing them together, allowing us to separate crystalline material from more elastic substances. By using molecular sieves rather than chemicals, solvents, acids or heat that can alter and damage the growth factors, we retain the enhanced intracellular matter and add it back into the starting extract to potentiate it and maintain the full matrix of the deer antler.

Velvet Factors+ Capsules contain high-potency, anti-aging peptides, growth factors and co-factors derived from deer velvet antler extracts, one of the few sources of naturally occurring growth factors. It provides Insulin Growth Factors (IGF-1 and 2) in oral form, which bypasses the pituitary and liver (unlike Human Growth Hormone “HGH”), dissolves rapidly and shows fast action.

As we age, our growth factors decline
Between the ages of 20 and 30, our levels of growth factors begin to decrease while the body's dependence on it increases. By age 65, the growth factors have dropped by 70%. Replacing the lost growth factors is a way to help the body and mind feel and act younger. Along with neuroproteins, these growth factors have a multitude of benefits.

The combination of extracts in Velvet Factors+ are known to:

  • Improve skin and muscle tone
  • Help reduce wrinkles and lines
  • Promote weight loss
  • Improve cell growth and regeneration
  • Promote and speed recovery from traumatic injury
  • Ease joint pain and inflammation
  • Provide antioxidant support, for muscle and tissue recovery
  • Support the digestive tract, help heal intestinal mucosa, provide prebiotics for healthy gut microorganisms
  • Act as an antiviral and antibacterial

Suggested Use: 2 capsules on an empty stomach 30 minutes before food for the first week. 1 capsule or more per day thereafter. Take 1 day off per week.

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