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Why is MSM important?

Biological sulfur (MSM) is an extremely important mineral in the body. It is an important cell builder and binder of soft tissues in the body. Sulfur has a vital relationship to protein, and is found in essential amino acids such as methionine, cystine and cyseine. It is necessary for collagen synthesis - a vital component in both the skin and the bones, where it knits the minerals together and gives them flexibility.

Perhaps its most important role in health is in carbohydrate metabolism, which is significant hypoglycenics and diabetics. Sulfur is an important component of insulin, the protein hormone secreted by the pancreas. Low levels of sulfur in the diet can result in low insulin production.

Biological sulfur also disinfects the blood, resists bacteria, increases bile function, improves circulation, aids oxidation reactions, protects the protoplasm of cells, and protects against harmful effects of toxins, just to name a few things it does. Deficiencies in sulfur can lead to poor growth of nails and hair, poor skin conditions, organ and tissue malfunction, as well as fatigue and susceptibility to disease. Severe deficiency can result in scurvy. Sulfur deficiency is also related to srroke, heart attacks, varicose veins, spider veins, chronic bruising of skin and tissues, and chronic nosebleeding. All of these conditions are related. They stem from weakened or rupturing arteries, capillaries, and veins. When our diet lacks MSM, the cells become rigid and lose the ability to flex back.

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