Sun Star Organics, Inc. offers both co-packing and private labeling services. We partner with customers who have a need for full scale food manufacturing and can package your own ingredients or our ingredients into bags, bottles and jars.

As a full service manufacturer we can also create custom labels with your branding to apply onto the finished product. And since we do everything in-house we have extremely competitive pricing.

We welcome both small and large runs, unlike most co-packers who require extremely large run minimums.

Below is a small list of items we can private label. We are open to new ideas. Just let us know.

Contact us Monday through Friday from 8am to 7pm (PST) at 800-700-5402 or Click here to email us.

Most Popular Private Label Products
  • Coconut Oil (Certified Organic)
  • MSM Lotions
  • Various Powders
  • Maca Powder
  • Sun Lotion

Going Raw

  • Acai Powder (Certified Organic)
  • Agave Nectar (Raw, 100% Pure Certified Organic)
  • Almond Oil, Sweet (Certified Organic)
  • Bee Pollen (California)
  • Cacao Butter, Husk, Nibs, Powder (Certified Organic)
  • Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin, Organic)
  • Cupuacu
  • Goji Berries (Certified Organic)
  • Hemp Oil (Extra Virgin, Organic)
  • Maca Gold
  • Maqui Berry Powder
  • Olive Oil (Extra Virgin, Organic)
  • Rice Bran Solubles, Stabilized
  • Safflower Oil (Organic)
  • Vanilla Extract (Certified Organic)
  • Walnut Oil (Virgin, Organic)

MSM Body Care

  • Pure & Natural Lotion - Unscented
  • Lavender Lotion
  • Medicinal Lotion
  • Orange & Ylang Ylang Lotion
  • Berry Vanilla Lotion
  • Citra-Lemon Lotion
  • Coconut Rose Lotion
  • Old Fashion Peppermint Liniment
  • MSM-Aloe Gel
  • Pure-Pro Cream
  • Sunscreen (Orange & Citronella/Lemon)
  • Apricot Kernal Oil

MSM Supplements

  • MSM Powder
  • Opti-MSM Flake
  • MSM Vegi-Caps (750 mg & 1,000 mg)
  • MSM Magic
  • MSM Drops

Dietary Supplements

  • Essential Light
  • Flex-Connect Plus
  • HLO - Healthy Lipid Optimizer
  • Liquid Life Essentials Day Formula
  • Power Plus Enzymes
  • Pro Plus Ester C
  • Rice Bran Solubles, Stabilized
  • Turmeric
  • Ultra Anti-Oxidant C

Pain Relief

  • Hot Ice,
  • CMO Cream
  • Gum Joy Oil (for healthy gums)

Sun Star Organics Packaging Facility Certifications

Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers, USDA / CA Registration  No. 99-000

Organic Handler Certificate  No.11-617
Orange County Health Dept  No. 95-6000928
State of California (CDPH) Processed Food  No. 50478
State of California (CDPH) Organic Processed Food   No. 50478
FDA Food Facility Registration No. 19777353770