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Sun Star Saw Palmetto Oil 320mg 60caps

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Manufacturer Part No: 658263111287


Supplement Facts
Each 320 mg capsule contains:

Saw Palmetto Oil - 240 mg
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 80 mg
(Certified Organic Tunisian)

Pure Pressed Oil - Support For Men

This dwarf palm saw palmetto (serenoa repens) oil is pure pressed directly from the berry fruit (seperating the seed) and is combined with an Extra Virgin, Organic Tunisian Olive Oil. The viscous liquid is rich in fatty acids (approximately 95%), including oleic, lauric, caprylic, myristic, and beta-sitosterol.

The blend is also rich in carotenoids, zincand phospholipids, giving it a bright orange color. Saw palmetto oil is well regarded in clinical trials worldwide for improving prostate and urinary conditions. Both oils have a long history of use going back thousands of years for their anti-inflammatory benefits.

Why is our Saw Palmetto Oil the finest quality available?

Not all saw palmetto oil products are created equal.

We call this Saw Palmetto Oil. By this we mean that the berries used for this oil are specifically selected for optimal ripeness, then separated from the seed before pressing. This yields a greater spectrum of potent properties than any other oil extraction process. Additionally, because of its pure, unadulterated state, our saw palmetto capsules hold their potency much longer than supplements made by traditional pressing methods.

To complete the supplement, we have added a Extra Virgin, Organic Tunisian Olive Oil. Olive oil is an excellent complement to saw palmetto oil, improving its viscosity. Both oils have a long history of traditional use for inflammatory conditions. Our saw palmetto oil formula is especially rich in anti-inflammatory EFAs, or essential fatty acids (92.5%); it also contains carotenoids--which give it its bright orange color--as well as phospholipids and zinc.

Our saw palmetto capsules are carob-coated to guard their potency against light damage. Each capsule contains 240 mg saw palmetto oil, 80 mg organic olive oil, and the following amounts of essential fatty acids (EFAs):

Lauric Acid: 45.5 mg
Palmitic acid: 31.4 mg
Myristic acid: 24.5 mg
Oleic acid: 148 mg
Stearic acid: 5 mg
Caprylic acid: 3 mg
Capric acid: 2 mg

At the recommended dosage of one capsule a day, each bottle contains a two month supply.

Clinical Review: Reduction of PSA Values By A Combination of Saw Palmetto and Virgin Olive Oil In Patients With Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy

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